WorldWise Marine Brokerage

WorldWise Marine Brokers offers a variety of marine contracting services, to a wide spread international clientele. Being specialized in the towage and offshore market, the majority of our business concerns international towages, offshore charters and project cargo mobilizations.

The role of shipbrokers

As ship brokers we perform as middlemen, introducing opportunities, connecting parties and concluding business. We play a role of agents, striving to negotiate as effectively as possible to obtain the best possible terms for our clients.  

In ship broking, information is the key. Therefore we continuously monitor an array of information sources such as vessel owners, charterers, shipyards, managers, publications and other brokers. We maintain substantial knowledge of commercial, technical, geographical, legal, historical and even cultural information and focus on our ability to apply it. By continuously updating our market knowledge, we hold valuable information on vessel availability worldwide. This enables us to source suitable vessel options for our clients anywhere and at any time.

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